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Sunday, September 24, 2006

14 Weeks Down / T-Minus 28 days

On Friday, I did my second speed workout of the week. Tuesday's Yassos had me pumped up and Pfitz called for a "tune-up race". So I did my own simulated race and wanted to run aroun 7 min pace for six miles. That's hard to do by yourself, I learned, in training conditions. It was somewhat painful. I did my 1st mile at 7:56 and the next 6 at an avg of 7:04 pace. I cooled down with a easy 2 for a total of 9.

On Friday evening, we headed to Philly for my friend Steve's wedding. Of course, we were greeted with a significant delay at Midway. Not to mention that I lost my wallet early in the morning and was unable to find it. And I cancelled my credit card to be safe. Only to find out that rental car places don't accept debit cards. And we got lost on the way to the hotel. In a nutshell, Friday night blew.

I still managed to get up for some running on Sat AM in the town of Malvern, PA. Conditions were moist and humid. Saturday's run was probably my least impressive long run in the program. In fact, I struggle to even call it a long run since I stepped way back to 13.

Even my total mileage is a complete guess since Garmin was having satellite challenges and I assumed about a 8 min pace. Total time was 1:45:06. I just couldn't get my groove and didn't "feel" strong. Plus the surroundings sucked for running. I ran mile upon monotonous mile around corporate parkways near the hotel. There were no sidewalks nearby and the roads were very busy and dangerous.

Pfitz called for 17 this week but I didn't have it in me. I was on my own in a foreign area with more hills than I would like. Plus we got into the hotel around 1:30 AM the night before. Two speed workouts earlier (one the day before) in the week had caught up with me. However, since I went OVER my long run by 3 miles last week to 20, I don't have any guilt. I was tired and it was humid.

Despite being in the middle of his wedding reception on Sat nite, Steve couldn't help but talk about how we were going to run Chicago next month. Steve ran a 1:24 half last weekend at the Ikea Half Marathon in Pittsburgh. Even he is AMAZED by his time. He told me that he's got 22-miler planned in Aruba on his honeymoon this coming week. I asked his new wife Kristine if that was on the agenda. She was like "yes, I need to get my mileage in too for Chicago!" Fun honeymoon for them.

Our other Pittsburgh-based training partner, Aaron, was at the wedding and we sat together at dinner. Like Steve, he had an awesome race. He ran a 1:26 at the Ikea. [man, these guys are rockin'!] Aaron is targeting 3:10 like me. I must confess I am little intimdated that Aaron has the same BQ goal and I've only got a 1:30 half under my belt.

Nevertheless, my 1:30 half was six weeks ago and I've trained up nicely since then. I still feel like I am on track for my goal. I am excited to take on what is really our last week of major training before the taper.

Recap of Week 14

Mon - 8 miles
Tue - 11.6 miles
Wed - Rest
Thu - 4 miles recovery
Fri - 9 miles with 6 miles near LT pace
Sat - About 13 miles in Malvern, PA - Near Siemens HQ
Sun - Recovery - return to Chicago from Philly
Total: About 46 miles

Plan for Week 15

Mon 9/25 - 8 miles - somewhat recovery - may throw in some 6x100m strides per Pfitz
Tue 9/26 - 10 miles - speed workout at track - not sure what the group has planned
Wed 9/27 - Rest
Thu 9/28 - 10 miles Gen Aer
Fri 9/29 - 4 miles recovery
Sat 9/30 - 20 miles

Mileage target: 52 - slightly above Pfitz's schedule


  • Life does not always work out like we plan it to. You've stuck with the program pretty close thus far so no need to worry about the 13 instead of 17. Good luck next week with the last big week of training.

    By Blogger robtherunner, at 8:12 PM  

  • Ryan, don't worry about that half time, the Yasso's and some of your other workouts indicate you are right on track. Work hard this last week and make the most of the taper. If we get the "day" you will get it done, no dobut about it.

    By Blogger Bob, at 8:21 AM  

  • You are so awesome to stick with the program even when your schedule challenges you.

    By Blogger Firefly's Running, at 2:00 PM  

  • HOpe you found your wallet and that your time in Philly was fun.

    For your friend - running on a honeymoon doesn't sound like fun but at least they are doing it together.

    By Blogger Nicole, at 6:25 PM  

  • Ryan, thanks for 'plug' again. Running on teh honeymoon wasn't ideal, but something can be said for having a wife that is so supportive. She is going to complete her 1st marathon and I am going to chase the dream of the sub 3. Kristine and I had a blast on the honeymoon, despite the juggling of getting some runs in. There is no better way to recovery from a run than by lounging ocean side or snorkling a coral reef.

    See you soon in your neck of the woods. Be ready to Party Sunday afternoon!!!

    By Blogger Steve, at 12:12 PM  

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