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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Week 13 update - 17 miles WTD

Mon 9/11/06

I think all of us shed at least a few tears as we recollected what happened on this day five years earlier. It happened to me on the way to a meeting in the car. CNN Radio was recanting the chronology of events on that tragic day. We will never forget.

I ran randomly north around Plainfield in the morning. After I was done, I saw off my parents who left after 5 days.

TIME: 1:02:18
DISTANCE: 8.0 miles
PACE: 7:47 per mile
AVG HR: 144

Most intriguing about these stat is my average heart rate. Running 7:47 per mile for 8 total with 144 HR... that's pretty solid.

Tue 9/12

High humidity and cloudy -- On the agenda was 9 miles with 5x1000m repeats at 5k race pace. My latest 5k race pace is 6:18.

Since those damn H.S. tracks are always locked up, and I have the Garmin, I relied on my new device to guide my pace. I set up a custom interval workout. I did a two mile warm-up and then started on the repeats. The repeats were separated with 2:00 of slow jogging as prescribed by Pfitz.

Problem is that Garmin can't keep up with accurate pace readouts over only 0.62 miles. It was hard to know exactly how fast I was running because I kept slowing down and speeding up in response the alarms I set at 6:00 and 6:19 pace.

Dissapointingly, my 1000m repeats look like this on the Garmin output:

4:04 (6:35/mile pace)
4:13 (6:43)
4:07 (6:40)
4:05 (6:35)
3:58 (6:24)

I'm not sure I trust these numbers, but these are what came up on the report. I cooled down on the way back with 2.85 miles at 8:25 pace.

TIME: 1:11:59
PACE: 7:50
AVG HR: 151

On deck tomorrow, 12-miles EZ pace. Going to run these easy at around 8:15 pace. I want to save some energy for my pace run on Saturday. Recovery of 5 miles also slated for Friday.


  • How's the HR monitor of the garmin. Is it as comfortable as the polar wearlink one.

    Rather than depend on the garmin, I'd just run at a pace that you think is comfortable and then figure out how fast or slow you were at the end of the split and then adjsut your pace accordingly. People have told me that the instantaneous pace feedback of the garmin is very unreliable.

    By Blogger Arcaner, at 7:56 PM  

  • Ryan, don't let that garmin determin how you feel about your workout. I think it's better to be too slow than too fast.

    I agree with arcaner - just run by feel. You should be able to tell the difference between 6:18 pace and 6:40 pace. That's basically 5k pace versus 10k pace.

    Anyway, one of the ideas behind these repeats is to make MP feel like a cake walk. Even at 6:40 pace, you accomplished that.

    By Blogger Chad Austin, at 5:57 AM  

  • Ryan-
    I concur with the other comments...but I would also suggest not using the 5k time you ran back in July. I am willing to bet you can run a sub 19 now so you should be pacing off of that.

    By Blogger Steve, at 2:33 PM  

  • Also, curious of what you think about the weight of the garmin watch. After a long run, I get really achy shoulder blade muscles from the thing.

    By Blogger Steve, at 2:34 PM  

  • Awesome running this week!

    By Blogger Firefly's Running, at 6:59 PM  

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