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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Week 15 update - Taper is near

DUDE... this week has been fricken' busy. OK, looking for some sympathy, as Ryan (a.k.a. supreme jackass) lost his wallet last week. I have been paying the price trying to restore my identity, preserve my credit and actually try to drive legally over the last couple of days.

So far, no luck. Long story, but let's just say that I still have no driver's license, since I have no social security card (which was lost years ago). Any of you find a wallet with a Connecticut license and a fully loaded Starbuck's gift card - I trust you'll let me know??

I have 26.5 miles WTD. I have a recovery in the morning. Then our final 20-miler of the program on Saturday. Here is this week's progress:

Mon 9/25 - 8 miles - It was very cold and I moved pretty quickly - quicker than planned. Avg pace was 7:37 for the 8. Total time: 1:00:59. Avg HR: 141. Not bad.

Tue 9/26 - About 9 miles in 2 runs - AM: Recovery 3.25 miles - PM: Speed work at the track - 400m repeats - KILLER! Jim and I did 400ms in an avg of 1:23-1:24 per lap. We took about 45-60 sec's rest btw each. We did TWELVE OF THESE MO'FO's. These kicked my arse more so than the Yassos. But they are over fast.

Wed 9/27 - REST - Jamie Cullum concert in Lincoln Park - kick ass contempary jazz man - home late

Thu 9/28 - Plan was to do 10. Ended up cutting slightly short due to time pressures. Did 9.5 miles. Average was about 8:00 flat per mile.

I'm on track for 52 miles this week.

Tomorrow, I have the day off from work. Cool. But it will a busy weekend. Jen is at the airport right now picking up Kim and Mike, friends of ours from Pittsburgh, who will visit us this weekend. Cubs game tomorrow - then bracing for a 20-miler Sat AM - then back downtown for dinner and Blue Man Group!!


  • Hang in there, Ry! You did a very smart thing by calling the right people, but really sucks to have your life on hold until you get your D/L back and all of your credit cards.

    Nice job on the mileage.

    By Blogger Firefly's Running, at 7:46 PM  

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