Ryan's Marathon Training Blog - Part Deux

Friday, October 20, 2006

Pre-marathon reflection - 34 hours to go

It's Friday night before marathon Sunday. I am ready for bed. Not much new to report. I am ready. Did an easy 4.25 miles yesterday. Going to do a steady, slow 3+ miles tomorrow.

The time has come to see if I have prepared myself a rite into Boston. It's going to be close. But, psychologically, I am there.

Reflection on some KPI's of my ability to run a 3:10.

- Steady adherence to the Pfitzinger 18-week 55mpw plan
- 5k race in June: 19:32 - hung over and in high heat/humidity - could take off at least 10 sec's
- Four 20-mile runs: one just shy of marathon goal pace, one 19-mile run and one 18-mile runs
- Chicago Distance Classic Half marathon in August - 1:30:24
- All out mile - 1.5 weeks ago: 5:36
- 400m repeats workout - did 12 repeats at 1:23 avg with 45-sec rest in btw
- Yasso repeat workout: Ten 800m repeats of 3:04 avg w/2 min rest
- LT training - I think LT is around 6:50

All right, enough justifying my efforts to chase a BQ. I've developed the aerobic capacity needed. I've put the right training in. I can do this. I just need go out there and get it done.


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