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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Week 17 complete - Preparing the mind for the mission

After today's run, my 17th out of 18 training weeks is now complete. I am currently staving off a cold with all of my might. I believe Wednesday night's run in the very cold and windy conditions helped me catch a cold. I am downing Airborne for its major vitamin C content every four hours. I will not let this minor ailment stand in the way of my goal.

I completed a total of 30 miles this week, which seems like decent taper mileage for this week. For today's run, I decided to cut the 12-miler on the Pfitz calendar down to 10. The CARA team was only doing 8. It again was very cold this morning but not quite as windy.

There is exactly 7 days and 20.5 hours until we line up in the starting area for the Chicago Marathon. The 10-day outlook suggests the past couple of day's cold weather will let up and we will see average temperatures for next Saturday's start.

I am now concentrating on how to prepare my mind for successfully running a 3:10 marathon. I have brought myself tears on numerous occasions during the past several weeks while visualizing myself running the final 0.2 of the marathon.

I can hear the cheers of the Chicago crowd in my head as I approach the finish at 3:09:50. This has happened today while listening end of the live version of the song "Marathon" by Rush.

I am inspired by the energy and emotion of music. Whether lyrically or instrumentally, I've listed songs that I could find in my computer library that are most inspiring to me as I condition my mind for success at next Saturday's race. Here the top 8 with lyrical excerpts that will keep me running toward a 3:10.

What are your inspirational marathon tunes? Let me know.

1. All Fired Up - Pat Benatar

"I believe there's comes a time when everything just falls in line..."

2. Marathon - Rush

"More than just blind ambition. More than just simple greed. More than just a finish line must feed this burning need. In the long run..."

3. Rusty Cage - Soundgarden

"I'm gonna break my rusty cage and RUN..."

4. (Can't) Slow Me Down - Default

"Oh, stop steppin' in my way. Not quite what I thought you'd say. Never find, never mind, never peace, God at least give me strength just for one more try... Can't hold me down, can't slow me down..."

5. Cut to the Chase - Rush

"It is the engine that drives itself. But it chooses the uphill climb. A bearing on magnetic north. Growing farther away all the time. Can't stop moving..."

6. Are You Ready? - Creed

"Hey, Mr. Seeker... Hold on to this advice, If you keep seeking you will find - Are you ready for what's the come?"

7. Hero - Foo Fighters

"Don't the best of them bleed it out while the rest of them peter out..."

8. Run - Collective Soul

"Have I got a long way to run?" (rhetorical question, of course)

Recap of Week 17

Mon - 7 miles w/strides
Tue - Off
Wed - 8.3 miles with 3 miles at 6:13 avg pace (2 min slow jog in btw)
Thu - recovery 4.7 miles at 8:50 pace
Fri - Rest
Sat - 10 miles at avg 7:42 pace

Total: 30 miles for the week


  • I have confidence in you Ry, I know you can run that time. Enjoy the last week, nutrition, hydrate and rest. You are ready!

    By Blogger Bob, at 11:03 AM  

  • your training cycle has been amazing! you are totally going to do it!

    By Blogger LeahC, at 1:07 PM  

  • Sorry that I have no tunes but I know you will finish strong.

    By Blogger Nicole, at 5:35 PM  

  • My inspiration marathon tunes? I have my whole race mapped out by music...

    But my favorite of them all is the song Marathon Shirt by sElf... "Confidence a plenty in my marathon shirt..."
    Go listen: http://www.selfies.com/songs/?marathonshirt

    Way to round out the week though. Keep yourself healthy and rest up. I'm right there with you on the tearing up front!

    By Blogger Running Jayhawk, at 9:21 PM  

  • You've put in a good training effort Ryan. I wish you a healthy week and all the best in visualizing and getting mentally prepared for Chicago. I am excited for all of you who will be there.

    By Blogger robtherunner, at 6:49 PM  

  • I listen to "Marathon" too on my long runs. Just keep repeating those lyrics. You'll do great!

    By Blogger Monday, at 10:34 AM  

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