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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Week 17 update - We cannot control the weather

This marathon thing is getting really close now. I cannot believe I've been training for just about 18.5 weeks. (To clarify why the heading says week 17, I did two week of "pre-training" before starting the 18-week Pfitz program).

I took the opportunity to contribute to the USA Today Marathon Blog last night.

The taper is in full effect as I scale down to 32 miles this week. I've hit 15 miles WTD.

On Monday, I did the planned 7-miler with some strides. Average pace was 7:39/mile. Did not wear the HRM. After a 1/2 day in the office, I flew to LAX in the afternoon for work.

For Tuesday, it was a planned day off from running to concentrate on work. I went to my meeting in LA in the morning, had lunch in West Hollywood and then flew back to Chicago.

On to today's run, which I had planned to do in the evening. The plan was to do a total of 8 miles, which included 3x1600m repeats at 5k race pace with 2 min rest in between. The track team was on the HS track so I opted to rely on the Garmin to track my mile paces on the open subdivision roads.

NEWSFLASH: CHICAGO WEATHER CAN BE BRUTAL. After tonight's run, I am seriously concerned about the Chicago weather. The wind was wicked, people. The temperature was about 39 degrees with head winds that approached 30 mph.

If we get these kind of conditions on marathon day, we can plan to give up multiple minutes. That's a fact. Boston would be a pipe dream. That's not being pessimistic. That's just being honest. It would be the same if it were a freakishly hot day. Mother Nature and God will have to decide how they want to plan weather for our big day. I hope that they are both in pleasant moods come 12 days from now.

Despite the head winds and being COLD the entire run, I did manage to hit my 3 mile splits at faster than 5k race pace. I finished up my run for a total of 8+. I was freezing by the end of it.

I am done with speed work. I am going to blow off the strides that remain this week and concentrate on easy miles.

I am tired tonight. My legs feel a little sore and I am ready to really rest. I've got a recovery run lined up for tomorrow evening and then I save up for 10 or 12 easy on Saturday.


  • i'm bitter.

    it's too early for snow.

    thanks for sharing the marathon blog link. very cool...i, too, contributed. we'll see if anything gets posted.

    By Blogger Running Jayhawk, at 9:49 PM  

  • This weather really stinks. I am looking forward to the warm up tommorow and Saturday.

    By Blogger Firefly's Running, at 4:09 PM  

  • I couldn't agree more with you on the subject of weather... I am remaining hopeful that it will be prefect conditions for us, but I am running this thing in rain, sleet or snow...

    By Blogger Dave, at 7:53 PM  

  • New follower! I am training for my first full marathon and enjoy hearing about others experience as well.

    By Blogger Fran Johnson, at 2:33 PM  

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